Central United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 25, 2017
Endicott, New York
Pastor's Corner

Almost half the year has come and gone already…Summer is coming in, and I feel the yearly exodus coming on. It’s funny how so many folks disappear from worship on sunny Summer Sundays! (With all that said, I certainly want to emphasize that Central doesn’t close down in the Summer months! We will worship each week at 9:30am, and I certainly hope to see you all here.)


This Summer, I invite you to consider how you will continue to worship and to be in ministry, even when you may not be present at church. How will you continue to live out your calling and your life as Christians, even while you may be away? Will you take on a spiritual discipline? Take time to reflect or meditate more? How about trying out our book study on Monday evenings? Or volunteer with your kids or grandkids for some ministry or service? How about collecting food for a food pantry at every party or barbeque you host? Or how about setting aside a dollar for mission every time you go out for ice cream? Get your family involved in thinking something up; I am sure you will surprise yourselves with the creativity that can emerge when given the chance. The upshot is that you can live your faith in amazing ways, even while on vacation.


You see, and it may be strange to hear, we do not become Christians simply by going to church. Garrison Keillor once said something to the effect that you can become a Christian by going to church just about as easily as you can become a car by sitting in your garage. It’s true. Going to church is one thing you do because you are a Christian—it is a way we come together to nurture each other in our faith, commit to our ministry together, and provide a community of faith and support to all who seek Christ.  So, the question remains: How will you be a Christian in your world, even when you can’t make it here on any given Sunday? It’s a question for the whole year, but especially for those weeks when picnics and family vacations and yardwork and travel beckon…


Still in One Peace,