Central United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Endicott, New York
Pastor's Corner

Lent is ending, Easter is getting close, and I’m wondering how our lives are different because of it all. To proceed through Lent without letting it touch our souls is to miss one of the greatest gifts God gives us: the second chance, or third, or fortieth. Lent is permission to try again. Lent is permission to seek God again, even when we have not found God before, even if we have turned away from God. It’s remarkable, this grace God offers us. Have you even tried to touch it yet this season?

It’s not too late. Make some time in the coming weeks to stop and listen for the voice of God. It doesn’t always come as spoken word—listen for God in your surroundings, listen for God in your relationships and in other people, listen for God in the things you do each day. I promise, God is speaking and showing you the way to abundant life, wholeness and healing, joy and peace. I promise, God is waiting for each of us to listen, not only with our ears, but with our hearts. Lent is the time to listen. 

That listening brings us to the glorious truth found in our Easter celebrations: God is more powerful than all that binds us; God is more powerful even than death. This is what we hear in the Easter story. Won’t you listen for that in your life today and let God restore you in these remaining weeks of Lent?

I’m gifted again with the poetry of Ann Weems, and want to share this with all of you, my dear friends, as we make our way through another Lenten season:



Going through Lent
   is a listening.

When we listen
   to the word,

we hear
   where we are so


If we listen to the word,
   and hallow it

into our lives,
   we hear

how we can so

live again.      

 (From Kneeling in Jerusalem. Westminster/John Knox Press:Louisville, KY. 1992. p33.)


Still in One Peace,